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As a Loss adjusting firm we are are often asked by members of  the general public about a Broker, we cannot make any meaningful comment in this regard, even though some of those who ask us have no broker at all. By pointing a client to a list of Brokers that could be contacted in our region, we thought this may be helpful and impartial.

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Border Insurance Brokers / Indwe

East London

043 7268529


Willie du Plessis Financial Services

East London

043 7482500


BKA Insurance Brokers

East London

043 7265457


Integrity Insurance Brokers


045 8382914


Reeves Insurance Brokers

East London

043 7042900


Alexander and Associates


047 5310679




045 8431227


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Office: 043 748 6545

Fax:    043 748 2061

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